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  1. nousername

    I have smoked am2201 many times do you think that I would have a cross-tolerance to ur-144?

  2. The Trip Report


    In tests under controlled conditions rats had gained a tolerance of about 20% to ur-144 compared to rats which were not subjected to am2201 previously

  3. UR-144 Information

    More information about UR-144 can be found @ ur144.info

  4. Lewis

    I’ve tried a few flavours of AM. I’ve tried three herbal blends, Haze has AM2201 and AM2233. Haze is a bit naff though and isn’t all that healthy tasting. Insense which has AM2233, AM2201 and AM1220 is similar, stronger though much harsher aswell, like hardcore Haze, both smell nasty. Also theres a new one Funky Buddha, which has the new chem MAM2201, I had high hopes when it arrived as it smelt nice, however smoking it was awful, it was terrible, painful and terrifying and is probably my worst drug experience ever, I spent about 20-30 mins throwing up and rasping for air, all AMs make my throat feel like its swelling and there are not worth it!

    If you have to try Synths I recommend UR-144, before I tired Buddha I had some Blueberry Blitz which is made with UR-144, I remember it being a pretty good high but you could tell it was chemically induced, but it wasn’t bad though I’d chose the real deal any day of the week, the smell wasn’t too bad either. I’ve ordered some more but I fear my previous experience may have put me off all synths.

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