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[JWH-210] Long lasting body high

I made an order with my usual JWH vendor for 1 gram of JWH-210 and about 3 days later an envelope arrived with 1 gram of clumpy & maybe a tiny bit moist(?) JWH-210 which stuck to the bag (and everything else that touched it in fact).

T+0.00: Eagerly looking forward to trying JWH-210 I promptly applied about 10mg to the end of a cigarette, lit it and took 3 long puffs which I held in for about 15 to 20 seconds seconds. I let them out and take another couple puffs which I hold in for about 10 to 15 seconds.

T+0.01: The JWH-210 made me cough, However I was using a different brand of cigarettes than I usually smoke so could be that.

T+0.02: JWH-210 takes longer to come into effect, But when it does an initial rush appears with pleasant stimulation & slight vision blur.

T+0.10: The rush has gone but left is a feeling comparable of a similar dose of JWH-250 & a couple energy drinks.

T+0.30: I have a very dry mouth and can hardly talk its so dry. I am noticeably stoned; my eyes are red, I look tired and am wobbly on my feet.

T+0.50: I go to a local fish and chip shop and have trouble ordering due to my mouth being so dry and giggling & laughing over nothing.

T+1.25: I can still feel the full effects and I am rather surprised at how long this chemical is lasting.

T+2.20: The stimulation has almost completely worn off and I am beginning to feel very tired.

T+3.45: I begin to walk home which feel like a big challenge and I am so tired, Upon looking in the mirror my eyes are bloodshot and I have tired bags under my eyes.

T+4.00: I go for a can of juice and a snack, Most of the effects have worn off although I still feel tired, verging on the burnout feeling you get after smoking some types of cannabis.

The following day I had no hangover and had no trouble getting up in the morning.

Conclusion: The peak of the effects lasted a very long time compared to other JWH chemicals which have similar effects. Very enjoyable I will certainly be researching again very soon.



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  • Chris

    Who is your jwh-210 supplier? I will pay anybody for a legit supplier once i receive my product.

  • Jay

    I have tried 073, 210, 250, 018 in the wh series.

    Barring a jwh-018 overdose, jwh-210 is probably the least pleasant of all four of the jwh chemicals i’ve tried. which isn’t to say the effects are not pleasant, just not as pleasant.

    The real clincher with jwh-210 for me, the reason i continued to buy it instead of subjectively “more pleasant” cannabinoids, was the long duration 210 provided. A gram of jwh-210 i could stretch 1.5 times as long as a gram of jwh-018, 2 times as long as jwh-073, and nearly 3 times as long as a gram of jwh-250.


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