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5-MAPB Trip Report

5-MAPB Trip Report / Review

As we announced a couple of days ago that 5-MAPB /(1-(benzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine) is now available from some of our trusted vendors we also got perfectly times 5-mapb trip report from a visitor.

5-MAPB chemicals structure

5-MAPB Chemical Structure & IUPAC name.

5-MAPB Trip Report

0.00: 120mg is swallowed inside a rolling cigarette paper so cannot comment too much on taste however it did have a slight un pleasent odour

+0.25: Feels similar to 5/6-apb during the first stages such as my legs feeling tingly and light and I am not feeling tired at all, I am a lot more focused on writing this report than I was half an hour ago.

+0.45: I feel pretty good now, Have been feeling better and better for the past few minutes and touching my denim jeans and leather jacket feels really good, Really wanting to meet up with friends and hit the clubs but listening to some anthems on spotify will have to do for just now.

+1.00: Feel amazing, can’t believe how good this feels from only 120mg much better than 6-apb on this dose, Would say its on par with 5-apb except this is now as stimulating I think more euphoric and empathetic. My skin is tingling and cannot wipe the smile off my face.

+1.35: I can be certain this is not 5-APB or 6-APB now and I am much more stimulated than I was half an hour ago my heart rate must be at least double my regular beat and even the skin on my hands and face feels like its vibrating a little. Really wish I was out clubbing with my friends but on the other hand I also wish I was with my partner so we could talk about rubbish as I feel really open.

+2.00: Still feel as stimulated as before and tingly however I am starting to forget about the tingly hands as my jaw is starting to move around un-controllably, Kinda glad Im not out anymore as the door men would probably refuse me entry for being fried on MDMA!

+3.00: Got the xbox and rockband hooked up to the 40″ TV in the family room and giving it beans on the drums with the volume almost at full blast. Still feel good but maybe its starting to tare off a little.

+3.25: Sweating like a pig not sure if its the 5-MAPB thats making me sweat or the hour long rockband session Ive just been trashing out, Doesn’t matter cause I still feel stimulated and very happy indeed.

+4.00: Back on the laptop and to be honest the effects have slowed down quite a bit, my heart rate is down but I am still more stimulated than I would be 4 hours after popping a Benzo Fury tablet.

+5.00: The euphoric-ness has pretty much worn off and I am pretty wired, Feel like how I would feel a few hours after taking mephedrone.

+6.00: Sadly the effects are almost gone and I think its time to try get some sleep, But my pupils are still huge and I can hear my heart thumping in my chest as guns and roses plays.

+8.00: Not sure if I have been sleeping or just had my eyes closed for a couple hours, Hard to tell. Anyway don’t feel very stimulated now and my pupils appear to have shrunk a little. That’s the end of the report for tonight and hopefully I feel ok tomorrow.

Morning After

Wow, Last night was pretty good and had a good laugh reading this report when I got up. Shame I have to end on a low but I could hardly get to sleep last night and when I woke up I felt crap – still feel pretty depreseded now but hey what goes up must come down. I plan to research 5-MAPB again soon, I think upping the dose to 160mg would produce nice results.


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  • Darkstepmusic

    I really look forward to see the price falling for this compound, as for now it is simply ridiculous to pay that much for a not-so-difficult to-make alpha-m-phenethylamine


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