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UK drugs legislation tightens up for several substances

After the latest amendment of the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act, multiple drugs will be reclassified into a more restricted category in order to better deter their abuse among the UK population. Once the act is officially adopted, several NBOMe compounds will be treated as Class A drugs, ketamine lisdexamphetamine and multiple benzofurans will become Class B substances, while additional restrictions will also ap ...

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UK Benzo Furan Ban

Nbome, 6-APB, 5-APB & 5-MAPB banned in the UK The UK home office has announced that the Nbome series along with 6-APB, 5-APB, 5-MAPB & 5-IT are to be placed under a 12 month ban effective from June 10th. It is unclear if all of the Nbome series are getting (such as mescaline-nbome) covered by the ban but it is known that the 25-I / 25-C / 25-B / 25-D-Nbome ones will be placed under the 12 month ban. ...

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This Weeks Best Research Chemical & Legal High Special Offers

Research Chemical Special Offers We have compiled another list of the best deals currently available from our brilliant Trusted Vendors and other legal high websites that we trust. Save big on 25I-nbome Chemsupply are offering a £23 discount on there 5 packs of 400ug 25I-Nbome blotter's. Use the code 'The-Trip-Report' when checking out to take advantage. Try and save are offering 15% off for n ...

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20% off 5-APB at Official Benzo Fury

Save 20% on 5-APB at The guys over at Official Benzo are offering 20% off 5-APB with the discount code 5-APB20. They are also stocking new 5-APB hcl pellets which start at £8 each. Official Benzo Fury are a Trusted Vendor and have been around for years so no need to worry about making an order with them. ...

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5-MAPB Information | 1-(benzofuran-5-yl)N methylpropan-2-amine Review

5-MAPB 1-(benzofuran-5-yl)N methylpropan-2-amine We reported a couple weeks ago that 5-MAPB was now being stocked at Buy Research Chemicals and since then many more vendors such as those on our Trusted Vendors page such as Plant Food Palace are now stocking it. Also our 5-MAPB trip report has been getting a lot of hits and a number of people have contacted us for more information about 5-MAPB. The basics of ...

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Buy Research Chemicals Stocking 5-APB Freebase

Julian has announced that will be stocking 5-APB freebase when they open up again on wednesday. Yes they did sell 5-APB before? Well yes they did, But that was the succinate salt - but due to lack on interest they decided not to stock it. are now stocking the 5-apb freebase version which they beleive will produce much more accuate test results since ther ...

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