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  1. bob

    You give Synthacaine as a product 9/10. Is this some sort of joke?

  2. The Trip Report

    @ bob

    The rating is not comparing it against other products, For example it if its got 10/10 it meets our product expectations based on other reviews, trip reports and information available online. But if it has a 1/10 it is nothing like the product or is very bad quality.

  3. bob

    Trip report, I presume in this case that the product expectation was rubbish?

  4. rchemstvshadow

    Hey bob & tripreport, i was thinking or ordering synthacaine would you say is doesnt do the job? & tripreport you said you recieved a email from purechemicals.net , but did you actually ever order anything from them?

    1. The Trip Report


      Yes an order was made with purechemicals.net

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