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drug newsIn a statement listed on their new domain ‘’ they said:

As some visitors may have noticed from looking at their browser url bar, BRC UK have today moved to a new website domain –

Rest assured this move makes no difference to our customers – we’re still the same company, still the same staff, still the same chemicals and quality, the website is exactly the same, and all the pages on now automatically redirect to the new website addresses, so you dont even have to update your browser bookmarks.

The main contact and support email address will also still be for the meantime.

There are  a number of reasons for this change of domain, one of which was a long planned, but much procrastinated desire to move away from to .com, so the site domain better reflects the growing EU (non UK) nature of our customer base these days.

Please note that the domain will remain permanently in our ownership and will never be sold.

Also I’d like to point out that this new domain is the only genuine website domain for BRC UK, and copycat sites that have popped up recently trying to imitate us e.g. like “” (they actually call themselves BRC UK too) which understandably cause customer confusion judging from what people are telling us, have nothing to do with our website, company, or the real BRC UK which is only us.

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