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3-MMC, Past impurity in chinese mephedrone could become hit drug amoung 4-MMC fans *Updated*

3-MMC Could Become New Hit Drug As Sources Claim It To Be A Mephedrone ‘Replacement’

3-MMC is from the cathinone series and was apparently a common impurity in 4-MMC aka Mephedrone produced in china when it was at its peak a couple of years ago. Samples obtained from Chinese manufacturers when Mephedrone was legal in the UK shown that up to 10% of the product was in fact 3-MMC aka 3-methylmethcathinone however this was not the case with all samples taken from chinese mephedrone suppliers.

A possible reason for this could be that manufacturers would have to recrystalise and repurify the 4-mmc to get rid of the 3-mmc and that would increase production costs and lower profits.

The sellers of 3-MMC are said to believe it to be more potent than 4-mmc so rouge suppliers of 4-mmc would also purposely leave 3-mmc in there 4-mmc to make their product ‘stronger’.

3-MMC Facts

  •  Full Name: 2-​(methylamino)-​1-​(3-​methylphenyl)-​1-​propanone,​ monohydrochloride
  •  CAS Number 1246816-62-5
  •  Molecular Formula C11H15NO  ( -HCL)
  •  Formula Weight 213.7

Little is currently known about its effects or toxicity. Some non-validated sources have claimed it to be like banned drug Mephedrone, We’ve had some people contact us who have tried 3-MMC in the past few days and in comparison to 4-mmc is was very disapointing, We haven’t verified their sources but we have not heard any positive feedback since this story coming out. 3-MMC is a class B controlled drug in the UK as it is an analogue of mephedrone and a member of the cathinone series.


4-mmc / Mephedrone Chemical Structure

Mephedrone was at one point the UK’s 4th most popular drug and during that time 99% of mephedrone production was done in china. It is possible that the majority of the Mephedrone in the UK was tainted with up to 9 parts : 1 parts 3-mmc and could in fact be the reason it became so popular but this information is speculation and we don’t have accurate informtion to predict how much of the UK’s mephedrone was contained amounts of 3-mmc.

One of our team tried 100mg of 3-MMC and UN-suprisingly she said she got minimal effects and wasn’t to keen on trying it again.

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Comments (4)

  • The Zohan

    3-mmc – doesnt do what it apparently says on the tin

  • Arron Watson

    aye it doesnt ive tried it, still nea as good as meph but why bother with these untested chems when u can still get meph on the streets. not as good purity as say back in 2010 but still gets you wrecked more than this 3mmc stuff

  • Old timer

    Your reporter should try 400mg gelcapped of 3mmc it is indeed very potent but not as euphoric as 4mmc.

    I am a very experienced stimulant user and 3mmc is the best stim out there at the moment since 4mmc.

    It just depends where you buy it. I`ve had powder, white crystal, clear crystal.

    Powder was rubbish clear crystal too stimmy and white crystal was smooth and excellent like 4mmc without the negatives.

  • Darkstepmusic

    It is a nice stim in it’s own way. But not what mephedrone is about.


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