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  1. something in the water

    Very nice trip report 🙂

  2. scottish.martin

    hey there,i was wondering if you could maybe get in touch? id love to talk with you in some depth about some things-im also from the north-east of scotland and found your report very interesting. Would love it very much if i heard from you. You can contact me at scottish.martin@gmail.com

  3. greenfingers

    Awesome report would love to hear from you both, also from the north east of scotland 😉

  4. Cojo

    Honestly this trip report sounds like bullshit. Sounds like somebody with major interest in the sale of etizolam is propagating bullshit to hype his product. First off 1mg etizolam is really very very weak. If he had a tolerance then i doubt he experienced what he is saying on just 1mg. Last study i read on it said 1mg etizolam = 6mg-10mg diazepam. Dunno. But really re-read it… it looks well thought out with sales in mind.

  5. Jj

    Gotta agree with cojo. Either this guys a complete wimp or something odd is going on. I ordered 50 and it lasted me a week. I was having to take minimum of 8 to feel anything. I’ve recently switched to pyrazolam. The feeling is much nicer, but unfortunately you still have to take a fair few

    1. kmad

      Man, Cojo and Jj, you guys either have some serious benzo-tolerance, or you were sent bunk shit.

      I can take .5mg of etizolam and feel it. 1mg will put me to sleep in about an hour, if i’m laying down. The thought of taking more than 1mg is a stretch for me. Equivelent to 20-30mg diazepam?… I’d say more like 15-20mg, however, the rest of this TR is way closer to my experience with etizolam than the comments that follow.

  6. Thomas

    Idk what you’re talking about.. 1mg of etizolam has me feeling great.

  7. Charlie

    Where is the best place you recommend to buy? Been getting little red 2mg from RC-Net as always fast and efficient but tablets don’t seem to do much. I’m averaging 5 which is supposedly 10mg which in diazepam terms is a lot but no major effects… Any suggestions on tried and tested suppliers??

  8. sean

    I just took my 1st 1mg etizolam tab…was pink, will update

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