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All about BK-2CB

What is BK-2CB? 2-amino-1-(4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)ethan-1-one or more commonly known as just BK-2CB is a psychedelic drug which is closely related to 2-(4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)ethanamine aka 2CB. Both came into the scene as legal highs the latter by the famous Alexander Shulgin. 2CB which often carried the nickname Nexus itself was a popular research chemical until getting made a schedule 1 drug t ...

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Thread carefully with synthetic cannabis

There are many products in the market described as “synthetic cannabis”, but in fact these chemicals could contain a wide range of substances – not all of which are completely harmless. Since it is hard for users to know what exactly is inside the legally sold packages, some mixtures end up causing quite unpleasant experiences and possibly even health problems. That’s what happened in the latest case in Tex ...

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Eternal glory of the Silk Road lives on

A twenty six year old man named Blake Benthal was arrested in San Francisco and accused of running Silk Road 2.0, a reincarnation of the infamous free web marketplace that was shut down in late 2013. While Mr. Benthal never attempted to conceal he was indeed the person running the aforementioned website, the spirit of defiance continued almost immediately as unknown perpetrators put up Silk Road 3.0 only a ...

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Hard drugs and global politics – is there an alternative to endless bloodshed

War on Drugs has actually turned into the War on poor people in third-world countries and there is no end in sight unless a wide-ranging reform is implemented on a global level. The basic blueprint of the global drug trade is well-known at this point – narcotics are typically produced in poor countries and sold with a huge mark-up in the affluent Western nations, but only a tiny portion of the money finds i ...

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Explaining the secret behind C Liquid

Electronic cigarettes and active liquids that are used to fuel them are a hot topic at the moment and often a target of sensationalist reporting and intense debate. With so many new products around and the rising level of global interest for these products, it becomes more difficult to cause a serious stir. That won’t be a problem in case of C Liquid, new vaping solution that contains a recently created syn ...

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