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  1. Stu Smith

    Just2pure have used the nmr reports from discofoodstore without permission and they have certainly not been supplied any goods from discofood.com or discofoodstore

    hopefully the reports will be removed soon but be assured discofood do not and never will supply this site!

  2. Steven

    Thanks for the list, i was looking for a reliable supplier of am694, now i got one, i hope.

    vip-legals.com is my usual place to buy from but they don’t have the canniboids, they are very good suppliers, maybe it should be on this list,

  3. Buy Methoxetamine

    “It won’t be allowed to be the new mephedrone, so stock up while you can _that’s if these vendors ever get to sell the stuff.” Nine days ago, medical chief Dr Burns put the country’s hospital staff on high alert for cases of “severe reactions” to Benzo Fury and a number of other legal highs.

  4. Buy Mket

    It’s a bit disconcerting having these mysterious RCs crawl out of the shadows and right onto the market, before anyone has a chance to gauge what they are and what they do.

  5. dude?

    NordicRC has mxe

  6. scott

    i’ve used methoxetamine with good results

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