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So what the hell is Synthacaine?

Whilst browsing through numerous research chemical websites I stumbled upon a chemical called ‘Synthacaine’ a few times and I was wondering what is it?

Most websites that sell it state that it is a proprietary blend – But thats it. Some mention that its 99% pure, a dimethocaine alternative etc etc but none give a clue to what the chemical or chemicals in it are.

I began searching through forums, message boards & blogs looking for any information or even a clue that could help me figure out what it is.

I think its fair to say that dimethocaine (‘DMC’ for short) is certainly one of the main chemicals but then again I read many reports about benzocaine or lidocaine and caffeine being sold as DMC.

After finding very very little information on the web I contacted a few of the vendors that sell synthacaine to hear what they had to say.

Unfortunately they either didn’t get back to me or they said they were un-able to disclose it – if any of these vendors reply to me with some information or a clue to synthacaine contents I shall update this article.

I think its most likely that synthacaine is either dimethocaine and caffeine or just lidocaine/benzocaine and caffeine. I am not 100% sure but there is certainly not any evidence to prove otherwise.

*Update Feb/2012*

A sample of a product called ‘Synthacaine’ arrived at trip report towers from our mates at scottish high-land and after a little bit of research it produced great effects.

We contacted them and asked what they thought of our article – they assured us that it does not contain dimethocaine, ethylphenidate nor does it contain any illegal substances such as mephedrone.

They also said it is NOT the same product thats being sold by dodgy vendor

Further research into this will be done soon, Please await a synthacaine review to be uploaded!

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  • sorted

    Well thats cleared that up then. Good work.

  • emzo fury

    So I’m guessing that Synthacaine was bought from chems2u? They are the BIGGEST cons in the world, all their products are mephedrone cut up with crap. LOL

  • Jeremy

    I don’t feel conned- I bought from FutureLabs and its as good – if not better than the real thing. I think it could be camfetamine or MPA, but there is so much euphoria, it could be 4MEC if not mephedrone.

  • Jim Logan

    Beware the scammers at – they sell complete crap – none of their stuff is what they say it is.

    Remember the name SCAMMERS!


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