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Methoxphenidine, New NMDA antagonist on the market

Methoxphenidine Chemical Structure

Methoxphenidine Chemical Structure

Methoxphenidine is the latest NMDA antagonist for sale in the UK which is suspected to fill a hole left by the ban of Methoxetamine (MXE). Methoxphenidine is not the first NMDA antagonist which has been released since Methoxetamine, Diphenidine was launched a couple months ago but users did not rate it as highly as anticipated.

Chemical Wire claim to have developed and produced Methoxphenidine themselves at their own EU based lab. Expect to pay around £30 a gram for Methoxphenidine from and under £10 a gram for larger quantities. In the past week more and more vendors are beginning to stock this compound.

A good dose of Methoxphenidine is in the region of 80mg however with Methoxphenidine and ANY other chemical you must start low and also perform an allergy test preferably 24 hours before your research program. An allergy test is not hard and only takes a few minutes and could save your life.

This chemical is still very new and feedback is still limited so caution is recommended and do not combine with other drugs even other NMDA antagonists.

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  • Daffyd Jenkins

    Tried this a few times now since Chemicalwire released it. In my opinion it is a better compound than Methoxetamine (MXE). Well worth researching.


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