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5-MAPB Information | 1-(benzofuran-5-yl)N methylpropan-2-amine Review


1-(benzofuran-5-yl)N methylpropan-2-amine

We reported a couple weeks ago that 5-MAPB was now being stocked at Buy Research Chemicals and since then many more vendors such as those on our Trusted Vendors page such as Plant Food Palace are now stocking it. Also our 5-MAPB trip report has been getting a lot of hits and a number of people have contacted us for more information about 5-MAPB.

The basics of 5-MAPB

5-MAPB which is also know as 1-(benzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine or 1-benzofuran-5-ylpropan-2-methylamine and is part of the benzofuran family of compounds along with 5-APB & 6-APB (6-APB is the active ingredient in Benzo Fury pellets) and is the the n-methylated version of 5-APB and it is related to MDMA in the same way that 5-APB is related to MDA.

5-MAPB doesn’t have a CAS number but we do know the following characteristics. It has a boiling point of around 280 degrees Celsius and a molecular mass of 189.25 g/mol in freebase form however most vendors are stocking the hydrochloride salt version which has a mass of  225.714 g/mol which equates to 838mg of pure 5-MAPB per 1 gram of hydrochloride salt. Its chemical formula is C12H15NO.

5-MAPB comes as a off-white to light tan powder with little odor.

Dosage and effects of 5-MAPB

Dosages vary depending on the route of administration but between 30mg and 65mg is suggested for nasal administration however users have reported it to be very un-pleasent and does not dissolve quickly and is easily inhaled right into lungs making you gag and cough. Between 95mg and 150mg is suggested for oral dosages, Some vendors will soon be stocking 5-mapb pellets containing 100mg of active ingredient however not everyone is the same so 100mg may not be an ideal starting dose.

Users report the effects lasting up to 6 hours and some did suffer from a mild ‘hang-over’ the following day.

The main effects of 5-MAPB are euphoria and  stimulation. It is supposed to be more stimulating than 5-APB and also a faster come-up by almost half an hour when taken orally and kicks in within 15 minutes to half an hour nasally. Users also say it gives mild empathy but also strong vasoconstriction and jaw clenching.
5-MAPB is available from various Trusted Vendors and is priced at about £50 per gram, As with most products it is cheaper in larger amounts.
5-MAPB Chemical Structure

5-MAPB Chemical Structure

5-MAPB information summary

Full Name:  1-(benzofuran-5-yl)N methylpropan-2-amine
Formula:  C12H15NO
Mol. Mass: 189.25 g/mol (freebase),  225.714 g/mol (.hcl salt)
Boiling Point: 280 °C -/+
Effects: Euphoria, Empathy, Stimulation, Jaw clenching, vasoconstriction.
Dosage: 30-65mg Nasal, 95-160mg oral.
Duration: up to 6 hours.
Price: £50 per gram -/+£10 

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