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  1. The Zohan

    3-mmc – doesnt do what it apparently says on the tin

  2. Arron Watson

    aye it doesnt ive tried it, still nea as good as meph but why bother with these untested chems when u can still get meph on the streets. not as good purity as say back in 2010 but still gets you wrecked more than this 3mmc stuff

  3. Old timer

    Your reporter should try 400mg gelcapped of 3mmc it is indeed very potent but not as euphoric as 4mmc.

    I am a very experienced stimulant user and 3mmc is the best stim out there at the moment since 4mmc.

    It just depends where you buy it. I`ve had powder, white crystal, clear crystal.

    Powder was rubbish clear crystal too stimmy and white crystal was smooth and excellent like 4mmc without the negatives.

  4. Darkstepmusic

    It is a nice stim in it’s own way. But not what mephedrone is about.

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