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Who is next in line to light up legally?

Who is next in line to light up legally? After Colorado, Washington and Uruguay pioneered legalization of recreational marijuana use, several other jurisdictions could be looking to do the same. Last year was quite busy on the weed legalization front. Two U.S. states went all the way and introduced legal stor more ...

April 24, 2014 (0) comments

Cocaine and Cannabis: the highs and lows of mixing an ‘upper’ with a ‘downer’

Cocaine and Cannabis: the highs and lows of mixing an ‘upper’ with a ‘downer’. The old adage goes that mixing an upper and a downer is one of the worst things you can do for your body. Speeding up that heart rate and then slowing it right back down is a sure fire way of giving yourself a heart attack, right? more ...

March 21, 2014 (0) comments Review

Buy Any Review BuyAnyChem have been a member of our Trusted Vendors programme for a while now and have consistently received positive feedback about there service and product quality. Two days ago we received from them 5-EAPB pellets, Ethylphenidate powder & pellets and a packet of Evoke. The who more ...

March 21, 2014 (0) comments

5F-AKB-48 Trip Report

5F-AKB-48 / AKB-48F Trip Report This is my first trip report I have written for The Trip Report, But I have been browsing the site for months and during that time I have researched many chemicals. I got my hands on a small quantity of 5F-AKB-48 since all my others favorite cannabinoids such as UR-144 and AM-2 more ...

March 10, 2013 (0) comments

Rhianna Smoking Up The Dam is your PIC OF THE DAY

Some stars like to throw TV's out of windows, some mega starts like to smoke some of the fattest joints i've ever seen, Here I present global mega star Rhianna supposedly pictures inside an Amsterdam coffee shop. more ...

July 09, 2013 (0) comments

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