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Tobacco manufacturers evolve in the face of public pressure

Electronic cigarettes are the latest outlet that big tobacco vendors are using to promote “safer” use of their products and survive anti-smoking campaigns Despite all the efforts to cut down on harmful effects of smoking on public health, tobacco industry remains resistant to any kind of pressure applied by a more ...

September 14, 2014 (0) comments

Hashish is everywhere in Egypt, but buyers beware

Tactics and tricks you learn while buying hash in the Arab world are almost as valuable as the smoke. As a third-time visitor to the Red Sea beachfront town of Hurghada, I knew very well that one of the local commodities awaiting me at every step will be soft, golden-brown Moroccan hashish. Even though it is more ...

September 16, 2014 (0) comments

White MM Legal High Review

White MM Legal High Review White MM comes neatly packaged inside a foil bag around 2-3x smaller than a typical incense pouch. Around 9pm I felt it was time to indulge in White MM and after reading some comments online I started with only 100mg and planned to leave it half an hour before taking more if require more ...

June 06, 2014 (0) comments

5F-AKB-48 Trip Report

5F-AKB-48 / AKB-48F Trip Report This is my first trip report I have written for The Trip Report, But I have been browsing the site for months and during that time I have researched many chemicals. I got my hands on a small quantity of 5F-AKB-48 since all my others favorite cannabinoids such as UR-144 and AM-2 more ...

March 10, 2013 (0) comments

Rhianna Smoking Up The Dam is your PIC OF THE DAY

Some stars like to throw TV's out of windows, some mega starts like to smoke some of the fattest joints i've ever seen, Here I present global mega star Rhianna supposedly pictures inside an Amsterdam coffee shop. more ...

July 09, 2013 (0) comments

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